We affect others

Today I received an email from a friend of mine in Australia, someone I did catch up with on my recent trip. It was flattering because she commented how she thinks of me often and doesn’t miss me as much because she is reminded of me often as she sees my personality or traits in other people.

I only tend to think of people in my immediate vicinity as the ones I affect, but with these words, an occasional phone conversation, a Christmas card or whatever it is, there are positive messages that get passed on and stick with people.

The email showed me that we affect other people’s lives even when we don’t think about it. In this instance I was positively affecting my friend’s life, but it’s possible that we affect others in a negative way, without even knowing it, sometimes for many many years.

We all have a responsibility to our friends, family and neighbours to be kind and loving towards them. I read somewhere that we should treat everyone as though they are hurting, because the reality is that 95% of them are in some way.

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