Divine Guidance – Doreen Virtue

I’m always reading books these days, which is very funny if you could listen to me talk up to the age of about 25. I used to hate reading. In fact I chose my university degree and my subjects in high school based on the amount of reading required – less was better. As a result I studied a lot of subject that had numbers – Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Economics etc.

It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve learned to appreciate the value of reading. I don’t often get to story books, and mostly I read something non-fiction. Occasionally I’ll pick up a story book… for myself of course, I don’t just read Dr Seuss to my daughter!

I’m currently reading ‘Divine Guidance’, by Doreen Virtue, the second book of hers that I’ve read.

This book is a very helpful book for those looking to learn more about tapping into intuition and psychic information. It’s actually the best book I’ve read on the topic and I would highly recommend it.

From the publisher:
In this text Dr Virtue explains how people are equally gifted in the ability and potential to communicate with God and angels. Through meditation, simple lifestyle changes, and understanding how to phrase questions, people can learn to break down the communication barriers, and learn how to listen.

Divine Guidance tells you how to have a dialogue with God and your guardian angels. Her central tenet is that everyone has the ability to talk with God and the angels; everyone has the ability to solve their problems with the help of these Divine powers. If you have financial problems, this book will tell you how to get out of jeopardy. If you’re in a bad relationship, this book will guide you to something better. If a loved one has just passed away, this book will help you through those trying times. All of your most intimate questions can be answered by knowing who to ask and how to phrase the questions. Find the simplest, most effective, and life-affirming advice around-read Divine Guidance

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