Coaching Process

Introductory Meeting

Introductory Meeting – Your relationship with your coach is a very personal experience and it’s critical that you and your coach are compatible.  To ensure the best match to your needs you are paired with the right coach.  We meet with you to assess your needs and make recommendations for a coaching program.  There is no one best type of coaching program – it is entirely an individual experience.

All our clients are offered this first introductory meeting at no charge, so we can determine if the chemistry is there.   From there we can set up a schedule of when and how often you’d like to be coached.  This meeting is best face-to-face.  Regular coaching sessions may be either in person or over the phone.


Clarify and Understand Your Perspective – To ensure you maximize the coaching experience from the very first session, you will be asked to complete some homework.  This is a fairly straight-forward set of questions for you to consider your goals and aspirations and also understand what you are currently tolerating and would like to change.




Discovery Session – The first session with your coach is typically a little longer than the other sessions and forms the foundation for future sessions.  The conversation will include setting goals and expectations and depending on your needs may include an optional assessment tool to increase personal awareness.




Regular Coaching Sessions – Coaching sessions are set at regular intervals to ensure your progress and to keep you accountable to your goals.  Through the process you’ll understand your values and motivation and learn to leverage your strengths.  Part of working with a coach is that a lot will be asked of you. Not too much, but certainly more than you may have been asked recently.  You need to be willing to experiment with fresh approaches and be open to redesigning the parts of your life that you are able to right now. This will help you more easily reach your goals and live an integrated and fulfilled personal and professional life, using the gifts you have and enjoying life as it was meant to be enjoyed.

Please be willing to: change your behaviour; examine the assumptions and decisions you’ve made; experiment and try new things; start telling what’s really true, regardless of the consequences; remove all sources of stress; eradicate all triggers of adrenaline; redesign how you spend your time; get the support you need to handle a problem; set goals that are much bigger than before; raise your personal standards to be very, very high; start treating people much better and stop tolerating or suffering in your life.


Field Work – As part of staying accountable and keeping the process moving in between sessions you can expect to have homework.  This homework should not be seen as redundant or make-work, but as an opportunity to reflect, learn more about yourself, try new approaches in a safe environment or simply to take action.  All homework is structured to enhance your experience.




Optional Tools – We use assessments in the coaching process only where we feel that they will add value as a tool in the coaching relationship. Assessments are only tools and we only use them where they provide value.  We use both customized assessment tools and externally provided tools like Insights Discovery personality profile.


telephoneGetting Started – Getting started with coaching is simple.  Call Matthew at 403-671-3253 or email him at  We’ll start with a conversation about where you’re headed, what your goals are and what you think is holding you back.

Most clients prefer to start with a six month contract.  A minimum contract time-frame of three months ensures we have enough time to see solid results.


Why coaching?

In sport we know that coaches are prevalent, and it used to be only for team sports.  Now individual athletes have their own coaches, to help them reach greater heights.  In the same way a business coach or life coach can help you squeeze the most out of your life.  Coaching is available in Calgary!

Matthew is both a coach and trainer specializing in with small to medium sized businesses to create systems that work: a leadership system and a selling system to fully maximize the opportunities inherent with your company.

Have you taken training and then found three weeks later you’ve forgotten everything?

As a father of three, Matthew appreciates the challenges that take place when new skills and processes are being learned and adopted.  Matthew’s approach is to help you create awareness of opportunities, give you the tools to make a positive change and then coach you on using them.  Tools without practice and refinement are almost useless.

Matthew’s coaching will ensure the new skills stick and become part of your core competencies!

The most common reasons people hire a life coach or business coach:

  • To set better goals
  • To reach their goals more quickly
  • To make significant life changes
  • To become more financially successful
  • To design and live their best life
  • To get ahead professionally
  • To make better decisions
  • To have someone to collaborate with
  • To improve their relationships and family
  • To simplify their lives
  • To strengthen their personal foundation
  • To reduce stress
  • To become a better manager or executive

How does a coach work with people?

  • A coach listens
  • A coach lends support
  • A coach will challenge and guide their coachee
  • A coach collaborates with coachee
  • A coach asks powerful questions
  • A coach facilitates coachee’s evolution
  • A coach is motivational
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