Matthew Page-Hanify Artist 2

“If it’s worth thinking about, it’s worth painting.”
                                             – Matthew Page-Hanify

I started seriously painting in my late twenties after my wife started taking a painting class.  I picked up a brush one afternoon and started painting.  It was only after my wife saw it and remarked how good it was that I decided to continue.  I have since had a number of exhibitions in Calgary and sell my work mostly through personal connections.

My initial interest in art came from my grandmother, Ieva Pocius.  Ieva was a well-known sculptor in Adelaide, Australia and I would spend many afternoons after school watching her work and becoming inspired by art and the ideas it represented.  My grandmother inspired me to pursue my interest in art.

The ideas for my art come from my observations of the world, and the way we interact. I am interested in the spiritual growth of people and psychological motivations of people’s actions. I enjoy portraits, but more abstract, meaningful paintings excite me. Mostly though I like to create paintings that have meaning and make people think.



Realistic Gallery

Abstract Gallery

Nudes Gallery

Portraits Gallery


2012   –  Ramsay Art Walk – Calgary, AB
2008  –  Open House  –  Calgary, AB
2008  –  Kensington Second Cup  –  Calgary, AB
2007  –  Ramsay Art Show  –  Calgary, AB
2007  –  Vanishing Point Art Gallery  –  Calgary, AB
2007  –  Oolong Tea House  –  Calgary, AB
2006  –  Higher Ground Cafe  –  Calgary, AB
2004  –  Point of Art Gallery  –  Calgary, AB

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