Leadership Development

Building high-performing teams through strong leadership

We can help you build a high-performing leadership team – and a high functioning organization with optimally performing teams. Desired leadership behaviours will be cascaded throughout your organization, through training and coaching that fosters your corporate culture.

Research shows that coaching complements the learning from training and education to create accountability and follow-through for the participant.

Organizations are always changing and continually forced to adapt. Strong leadership is key to maintaining focus and will determine how well your organization evolves and grows.

We have a full range of tools and educational workshops to support leadership growth and team development, including:

  • Technical professionals who find themselves advancing in the organization and need to build confidence in fulfilling their leadership role.
  • Entrepreneurs and new leaders faced with increasing organizational issues: reporting structures, decision-making processes; policy development, and performance monitoring.
  • Senior leadership who need objective dialogue and discerning questions to produce the clarity and confidence to move forward.

We specialize in developing customized leadership and team development programs. The process of designing the leadership program creates a high level of senior leadership involvement and buy-in; develops a clear understanding of the specific needs and the corporate culture; and provides a flexibility to tailor the delivery to the different levels of experience.

  • Extensive work to understand the culture and specific needs of the company.
  • Strong alignment to corporate culture and business practices.
  • Targeted selection of topics and themes based on company’s needs.
  • Flexibility to tailor the delivery to different levels of experience and seniority.

Competency Based Development

The competency-based development consists of unique modules designed to focus on areas that are important to the success of your organization.

While the modules have a different impact based on whether the focus is the individual, team or the whole organization, there are a number of overlapping themes: Awareness, Building Trust and Creating Value.

Personal Leadership Personal Values Personal Goal Setting
Self Awareness Developing Trust Attitude
Leadership Presence Decision Making Handling Conflict
Effective Delegation Presentation Skills Time Management
Personal Accountability Selling Ideas Inspirational Leadership
Team Vision Goal Setting for Teams Developing Trust in Teams
Conflict Resolution Employee Engagement Creating Alignment
Working Strategically Role Clarity Performance Management
Coaching Accountability Leading Change
Corporate Values Corporate Vision Corporate Culture
Change Management Succession Planning Authentic Communication





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