Recommendations for Matthew

“His enthusiasm and passion showed each and every class.  Matthew was there to help the students succeed and guide them to having a personal breakthrough.  Matthew challenged everyone, every class, to take it to the next level and led by example as Matthew himself took his teaching to the next level every class.  I highly recommend taking a course with Matthew as it will change your life as it changed mine.” – Jason H.

“His natural enthusiasm, and willingness to always step out of his own comfort zone, made it easier for everyone in the course to follow his lead. A natural leader with an obvious passion for what he does, I would recommend Matthew to any of my colleagues.” – Hafiz M.

“Matthew is committed to improvement. Whether he is looking for a way to improve on a process, a relationship or on his own skills, he is a perfect example of human application of Newton’s first law of motion: ‘…an object in motion tends to stay in motion.’”Cayly D.

“I was very impressed with Matthew’s ability to captivate a room full of people.  He is always very well composed, organized and professional.  His strengths lay in his ability to include his audience in the subject matter, challenging them with concepts and ideas.  His personality comes across as genuine and engaging.  I would not hesitate to recommend his services to many corporations, or groups in general who are looking to boost results, profit and increase group cohesion.” – Patrick D.

“He is an excellent leader, with an endless amount of energy.  Matthew is trustworthy, inspiring, committed, I truly enjoyed my time in his class!” – Kristen S.

“He is a dynamic trainer who was able to really pull my inner strengths to the forefront and get me to work and live in an openly enthusiastic style!  I give him five stars!” – Jes W.

“Matthew is a dedicated trainer, who is passionate when it comes to coaching others to the next level.  His level of enthusiasm coupled with his professionalism contributes to his ability to influence others!” – Sue C.

“Matthew is highly personable, intelligent and the best coach I have had the opportunity of meeting!  Taking the course from Matthew was one of the best life decisions I have made to date!” – Matt L.

“I found he was easy to talk to and had a lot of good advice to make my job as a manager easier. I look forward to Matthew training more of my staff in the future.” – Vincent W.

“Matthew is a strong coach and mentor to anyone he comes into contact with.  His ability to help you clarify specific goals for your business and personal life is what makes him such a talented trainer.  He is a trainer who is patient, listens intently to what you have to say and will hold you accountable to your goals.  Whether you work with Matthew in the classroom, boardroom or personally, you can be guaranteed that he will help you reach the next level of growth in your career.” – Tiffany P.

“He is an excellent coach and person as well. I have never met someone like him, who is so focused and goal-oriented.” – Roland T.

“Matthew is truly an expert in his field, providing consistent results-oriented value to his students and business colleagues.  He always expects the best from himself, and achieves it through disciplined and consistent action.  Matthew’s true brilliance shines when he is helping others discover their key strengths and promoting individuals self-confidence.  A true professional, I would consider Matthew to be a valued, respected and trustworthy business partner.”  – Harold H.

“Matthew is a razor sharp, energetic and intuitive individual.  He uses his energy and drive to bring out the best in people, helping them to excel personally and professionally.  Matthew is a demonstrative presenter and delivers with a compelling edge.  His keen insights are particularly useful in developing new relational approaches to personal or business situations.” – Doreen B.

“Matthew is a true professional. He brings passion and excitement to his work. He is always looking for opportunities to help others he works with, and his clients.” – Lance B.

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