Savour the Journey

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream that has really stuck in my mind, and it’s importance was brought back to me on monday at my meditation group. In our group R. made the comment that he wishes sometimes that he could fast-forward his life a year and get to where he’ll be in a happier place.

I responded, “But what if you only live for one year and three days? You’ll only have three days left, and you would have missed the year.”

“I guess I’ll make the most of those three days.” He said.

I find myself often looking forward and wishing for the future to happen now. Many of us find it difficult to simply enjoy what we have now and always hope for better or look forward to something that’s around the corner.

This is where my dream comes in. I dreamt that I was fifty years old looking back on the last twenty years of life. I wasn’t 31 imagining I was fifty, I was actually fifty. I looked fifty and felt fifty. I didn’t have quite the same energy I do now. It was a very real experience.

I was reflecting on my life and seeing how everything had progressed over the last twenty years. I remember looking back and thinking what an awesome journey my life had been, although I couldn’t remember details. I knew that I was glad I had experienced all of it and not missed any of the experiences.

I realized that the journey is far more rewarding than the end. And projecting forward from fifty, I could see that the journey had no end. In fact the journey is all we really have, and we should savour it.

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