Don’t lose sight…

I heard a comment directed at me the other day that I’ve heard quite often.  “Is there anything you don’t do?”

When people see that I work full time as a Corporate Trainer, part-time as a Dale Carnegie trainer, write a blog, paint pictures, manage rental properties, have three young children, exercise regularly, read a couple of books a month and still have an active personal and social life they wonder how I can make it all happen.

As I write this list I also wonder sometimes too!

My answer is to the question is usually, “I do most things.” Other than not spending time watching television, I do a lot because I’m interested in doing a lot of different things.  I want to try new activities.  And why shouldn’t I?

Think about it.  What value does it add to my life to not be interested in doing something?

Is there a reason I shouldn’t enjoy partaking in different activities?  Is there a reason I can’t enjoy doing new and different activities?

If I want to take up yoga, sewing, fishing, cycling, swimming or playing the piano, shouldn’t I just go ahead and do it?

Does it matter how good I am at any of those activities?

Far too many people don’t attempt something because they are worried about how good they will be at the activity. I remember some years ago when we first moved to Calgary my wife and I joined a ten-pin bowling league.  At that time my bowling experience was limited to birthday parties and the odd game here or there.

When I started bowling my average was 135, a middle-of -the -road average.  I took some lessons, persevered and practiced and after two years I was averaging almost 190.  Even though I was now one of the league leaders, my enjoyment for the game didn’t change, I just got a bit better at it. There were still the same frustrations and challenges.

I took up painting a few years ago and I quite enjoy it. It’s very relaxing and I feel a sense of accomplishment after completing a piece. It started as a way to acquire some cheap art and since then I’ve had my work exhibited at a number of places and I’ve sold quite a few paintings.

I remember after my first exhibition I hadn’t sold anything and I spoke with my grandmother, a recognised artist in Australia, and her words were, “It doesn’t matter whether you sell anything, so long as you enjoyed having you art exhibited for people to see.”

I realised how often we lose sight of the real point in doing things.  Far too often people get carried away with winning at all costs, when we’re really participating for enjoyment and perhaps exercise or self-improvement.

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough to do something. Vincent Van Gogh sold one painting when he was alive. Should he have never painted?

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One Response to Don’t lose sight…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know what you mean about not having enough time. I use outlook and a personal organizer every day and it has made such a big difference to my life. I now have time for the important things in life – my kids, my de facto, my dog, my garden and of course, my work. Have you tried using any of these things? You will be surprised if you try!

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