Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling – Wayne Dyer

 “Lecturing or demanding others live peacefully is one of the least effective ways to inspire them; however, when we simply demonstrate that we’re living peacefully, we offer other people a large dose of inspiration by our mere presence.”  This comes from Wayne Dyer’s book Inspiration: Discover Your True Calling.

A recent publication from world-renowned speaker and author Dr. Wayne Dyer, this book is about being inspired, or living “in spirit”.

I have read a few of Dyer’s books over the years and his message is consistent and timeless, including this one “…you’ll never find light by analyzing the darkness…”

This book teaches some wonderful principles that I’ve discovered in my own life, and found to be a guiding source for inspiration and on-purpose living-such as following your curiosity, the power of giving and being thankful.

Dyer writes, “Remember: We’re already connected to everything that we think is missing from our life. Below and above the ranges that our eyes and ears perceive, the entire activity of creation remains invisible and inaccessible-but when we shift from sensory searching to trusting what we know, we discover the folly of chasing after anything in order to feel inspired.”

“Ego nags us to compete and insists that we’ve failed when others defeat us or have more than we do.”

One of the ideas he puts forward in the book that I have used to help others take a look at the path their life has taken is to suspend reality and imagine you chose everything in your life – right down to the time, place and parents you were born to.  I have found this helps to put a different perspective on life and the value of the challenges we face.

For some, Dyer’s ideas may seem a bit too “new age” but I see that his easy-flowing, light writing style makes his message easy to digest, especially for people who might not be comfortable with too much spirituality.

He borrows from his own work (The Power of Intention) when talking about “The Source”, etc., and possibly, you have read some of his ideas before, in other books, by other authors.  That’s because these ideas are not new.  They will be familiar to anyone who has read any of the prosperity consciousness or law of attraction type books.

That being said, Dyer’s message is, overall, an inspiring one. And he gives enough specifics to satisfy readers who like a “how-do-I-do-it” list.

It’s a feel-good book, and it may even help to inspire you to live your “ultimate calling.”

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