Another Question of God

The other day I had a very interesting conversation with my wife about all of this stuff I’m going through, and my sometimes harsh opinions on organized religion.

My view on organized religion is that the churches add in a lot of rules, which are created by humans, but passed off as the only rules to follow to be allowed into Heaven and be accepted by God on the other side.

Then my wife tells me that essentially what I believe, and the spiritual path I’m on is the same as a church-going Christian. In a sense I agree. We are both making efforts to improve ourselves, we are both trying to connect with the Source or the Holy Spirit. We both believe there is a Higher Power, whether we call that God, or our Higher Self, or the Universe, and we can receive guidance from spirits, whether they are Spirit Guides or the Holy Spirit.

So I guess we do have a lot in common. What doesn’t work for me though is all the stuff that goes along with organized religion. I’m not a big fan of making weekly visits to church and I’m not a big fan of the “rules” imposed by the church. Rules that need to be followed in order to make it into Heaven… the only one true Heaven as determined by that religion.

Also I find it restricting that religions have certain beliefs that don’t allow any beliefs from other religions. For example, why can’t Christianity allow past lives into their set of beliefs, like the Hindus do? Why can’t they at least accept that this might be true? It’s a little to narrow for me to think that what one portion of the population believes in is right and the rest are wrong.

As far as I’m concerned, whatever works for you, and your level or comprehension, level of fear and level of understanding is right for you. It’s not right however to say that someone else’s belief is wrong, because it isn’t yours. That’s how pointless wars get started.

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