Incredible Customer Service

When was the last time you went to get mechanical repairs or servicing done to your vehicle and came away raving about the experience?

Probably never, right?

Well, my wife had to get a new battery for our van last week.  Our van uses a specific kind of battery and it needed to be installed correctly at a service shop, so she called a few places and found one that was open in the evening.  They had the battery in stock and were very courteous over the phone.  My wife was impressed at this alone!

The next day she drives to the service shop – a Mr. Lube on the north side of the city – we live on the south side.  So it’s not the nearest auto service shop by any stretch.

As she pulls into the drive through area the large roller-doors are down, but a man comes running out of the building clutching a newspaper.  He greets my wife with a big smile and tells her it will be a five minute wait and would she like a complimentary newspaper?

My wife declined the offer as she had come prepared with her Diana Gabaldan book (by her description “a chick book” – which is important later in the story).  In a very short time – less than five minutes – the roller door opens and she is ushered into the bay.

The shop is clean and nicely decked out.  A service technician chats politely with my wife asking what she needed.  The service is done quickly and efficiently.  She is engaged in conversation by the service technician who asks her about her book!  He’s read it!  My wife couldn’t believe it… neither could I!

Throughout the service it’s obvious from watching the service technicians interacting that they are friendly and enjoy their work environment.  This was confirmed when my wife asked them about how they enjoyed their workplace.

At the end of it, my wife came home and told me all about the experience and how she will drive across town in the future to get the vehicle serviced there  – not because it was cheaper, nor was it closer, but because the service was far superior to anything she or I have ever experienced before.

It came down to not just what they did, but how they did it.  There was genuine enthusiasm and genuine caring for the client – even at the end of a long day.  You can’t buy that kind of client goodwill.

As a service provider it’s about having a genuine interest in others and doing your utmost to create a positive experience.  Put yourself in your client’s shoes and find out what they want and need.

If you live in Calgary, the Mr Lube is the one opposite Peter’s Drive In – 303 – 16 Avenue NE

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