Are you on track? Ten questions to help you find out…

Happy new year!

Here are ten questions you can start your year with.  These questions can be used to help you re-focus and set some meaningful goals for 2011.

I find it can be helpful to have a few guiding questions in mind when looking to brainstorm some new ideas or to look for a new path.

This list is also available on the home page of this site under the “Questions” button.

  1. What do I enjoy doing most?  What gives me energy?
  2. If I had no financial or other obstacles, how would I be spending my life?
  3. Specifically for me, what does success/happiness look like?
  4. What is really stopping me from achieving that success?  Really, what is it?
  5. What am I afraid of about this situation?  What am I avoiding that I need to face or deal with?
  6. Currently and eventually, what is this situation costing?  How are my current behaviors influencing this?  What is the payoff for making a change?
  7. What is the worst that could happen? And what is the best that could happen?
  8. What is the quality I’d most like to develop in myself this year?
  9. What are the 3 new positive habits I would like to create, starting today, that will give me the life I want?
  10. If my life were ending, what would I most regret NOT doing?
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